Zipper Show Tote

UPC: 789088098849
by Kensington Protective Products


This handy bag is made of ballistic nylon with an old fashion doctor style top opening, with a zipper closure. The Tote features; four pockets on one side, a large zipper pocket on the other, two mesh pockets on each side for spray bottles and inside the bag there is a mesh bottom to allow for easy cleaning. This is the perfect bag to keep things together at the barn and for carrying all your needed supplied to the shows.

Zipper Show Tote is made from ballistic nylon with a zipper top and a Textilene® mesh bottom for easy cleaning.  Features 2 carry handles,3 exterior pockets: a large zipper pocket on the front and 2 Textilene® mesh pockets on either end to neatly carry all your supplies.

Item Code: KZST