How Kensington Measures Up

How To Fit A Blanket/Sheet

All you need is a cloth measuring tape (or a string that can be placed on a rigid measuring tape).

Stand your horse up squarely on a level surface. Take the end of the tape in your left hand and place it in the center of the chest. With your right hand, draw the tape along the side, across the widest part of his shoulder, keeping the tape level and taut. Bring the tape to the edge of the tail.

Note the measurement. If you come out with a measurement not offered, please go up to the next available size. 

How To Fit A Fly Mask

For Standard Mask use: 1, 2, 3
For Ears & Nose also use: 4, 5

  1. From Poll (Between the Ears) to Mid Face

  2. Around Entire Throat (Behind the Ears)

  3. Around Mid-Face

  4. Height of Ears

  5. Length of Extended Nosepiece 


How To Fit A Dog Blanket