Freedom Feeder Full Bale / 3 String Bale

UPC: 789088072566
by Freedom Feeder


This net is designed like a pillow case to carry an entire 110 lb bale of forage hay. This net has a 1” mesh openings, measures 5.5' x 4' and closes on the short end using parachute cord to weave the top closed.  A full 3-string bale should last an average 1000 lb horse 5-7 days once the horse is transitioned. Comes with 2 break-away carabineers with 2 black cords for hanging, a red cord weave through the top.

The goal of Freedom Feeder is for every horse to have high fiber, low calorie forage available 24/7. Using Freedom Feeders is a way to “free” us from meal routines and help our horses live happier, healthier, and more natural lives, think of them as “Pastures In A Net”. Freedom Feeders may eliminate anxiety around meal time, reduce the likelihood of colic, and behavioral issues such as weaving, or pacing.

Full Bale Net is designed to hold a full 3-string bale, which can typically last a single horse 5-7 days.

FF-FB1(1″ Net) - 1″ Mesh openings: For INSULIN RESISTANT OR SMALLER grazing animals. We recommend that you start transition with 1.5″ mesh then slow them down further using 1″ mesh only if necessary.

FF-FB1.5(1.5″ Net) - 1.5″ Mesh openings: OPTIMAL opening to mimic grazing and slow consumption

FF-FB2 (2″ Net) - 2″ Mesh Openings: For Aggressive eaters and larger horses. May require going down to a smaller mesh size once horse is transitioned.

Item codes: FF-FB1, FF-FB1.5, FF-FB2

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