Fly Mask with Web Trim

UPC: 789088015495
by Kensington Protective Products


Our fly mask with web trim made with the strongest material on the market today - Textilene® and is the absolute best way to protect your horse. Material is specially formulated to withstand fading, soiling, wear and tear, and is mildew resistant. This fly mask not only shields your horse from biting insects, but also shades with 73% UV protection. Features a new design which allows both ears and the forelock to come through the top of the mask. Allows full visibility with maximum protection to the facial and eye areas, helps aid in healing, and with the Original Double Locking System, this mask is nearly impossible to take off!

Item Code: KFM100

Customer Reviews

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Sheila Whetstone
Love your durable flymasks

My 28 year old Dutch Warmblood is blind in one eye and wears a flymasks 24x7, 365 days a year. Your flymasks are the best for durability, they standup to daily wear, washing and maintain their stiffness off the eye area but are still soft. I also like the open area around the ears and forelock which allow for complete airflow and my horse hasn’t had any fungal problems un that area during the hot, humid Texas summers since I switched using your flymasks exclusively 3+ years ago! Thank you Kensington!

linda moore
fly masks

These fly masks are the best ones i have found that last on our horse without her tearing them off.