Pony Protective Fly Sheet

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by Kensington Protective Products
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Patented Pony Protection! Tailored specifically to fit the needs of your pony, this sheet features 1000 x 2000 Denier Textilene® mesh which is specifically formulated to withstand fading, fire, mildew, soiling, wear and tear. Protects against flies and pests, blocks harmful UV rays with 73% rating, creates a dirt barrier and is 78% air permeable. Features double buckles and keepers, lined chest, padded at the withers for mane protection, detachable elastic leg straps with snap and D’s and a removable belly strap. Color coordinating masks and boots provide complete summer protection.

The sheet that started it all…Kensington’s Protective Sheet does two jobs in one. It works hard to protect your horse from the environmental irritants of the Summer season and keeps them looking oh-so stylish at the same time. The Textilene mesh fabric is extra tough, and will work to keep your horse cool while sheltering them from harmful UV rays and biting insects. And by picking from one of the vibrant plaid patterns the sheets are offered in, you can represent your horse’s personality in a way that is a blend of fun and tradition. Blanket includes a double buckle front, a lined chest and neck area, padded wither protection and detachable elastic leg straps. Pick Your Plaid and just watch your horse relax in the pasture, while your inner fashionista celebrates because they are totally styling in their head to hoof coordinated protective gear.

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