Kens-i-Tech Turnout Rug

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by Kensington Protective Products
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The Kens-I-tech Lightweight Turnout Rug from Kensington® is both waterproof and breathable, and best of all more durable than any canvas on the market today. This blanket will provide you with everything needed for the rough road ahead and features a rolled edge with no binding (better for durability) and 100% wool Liner. It is very similar to the New Zealand Rug but at half the price!

Sixty years ago, Kensington offered it’s rendition of a Canvas Rug to the industry. Kensington went into the archives to retro-fit the original Canvas Rug to today’s standards. Where the Original Canvas Rug was not waterproof, the Kens-I-Tech Rug is, and where the old Canvas would get heavier over time, the Kens-I-Tech will not. The Kens-i-Tech offers the desirable qualities of the Canvas rug, without any of the inherited problems. The Euro Cut, provides maximum coverage, with gussets to allow for more movement. This Rug is highly water resistant and breathable, with a tough as nails outer shell. On the interior of the Rug you will find a thin 
wool lining which; provides warmth, wicks moisture, and even keeps its insulating properties while wet, which is perfect for a sweaty horse

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