Post Surgical Recovery Fly Mask

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by Kensington Protective Products
Designed and patented by Sherry Reed this Recovery Mask was developed to aid in the recovery of horses with eye injuries, surgeries, allergies, facial wounds, and much more. Prototypes have been tested since 2005 prior to the release of the Recovery Mask.
The Recovery Mask includes 7 closed cell non-denting foam pads preventing the horse from rubbing the injured area. The Recovery Mask is great for horses with open wounds or sutures that need healing but need to remain protected from outside elements. The mesh allows for 78% air permeability, and 73% UV protection which both are extremely beneficial in the healing process. The Recovery Mask features an accessible I.V.  holder at top of forelock opening and an adjustable & customizable (cut ready) elastic throat strap allowing it to be used on a wider range of horses. Completely machine washable this is by no means a one use mask, this mask is built to be used time, and time again. 

Designed by Sherry Reed